Snow fun for the little ones!

At Landal Ski Life we ensure the little ones also have a great time in the snow. And if they are having fun, so will you.

Snow fun

Horsing around in the snow and slipping and sliding down the slopes, how exciting! At Landal Ski Life we are happy to care for your little ones. They will make many new friends in the Children´s Club, or the Bollo Club. They learn to ski in children’s ski country. They weave their way down the slope, ride the ski carousel or climb on the playground equipment.

Ski school

Sliding, getting up and trying again; your children will learn the skiing basics at the children’s ski school equipped with children and baby lifts. They will be in excellent hands with the experienced ski and snowboard teachers.

Winter activities

Playing, sliding and tobogganing in the snow! And after such a fun day, a dive into the pool to warm up. Of course you can also go sledding, ice skating or build a snow man. Here, everything is possible.


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