About Landal Ski Life

Winter sports fun for all ages starts at Landal Ski Life. We offer the finest accommodations in beautiful ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic. From beginners to experienced winter sports enthusiasts; for each guest we have parks in suitable ski areas for an unforgettable winter experience. Many of our parks are located directly on the piste. You are therefore in no time on the mountain, ready to whiz down. But even if you're not a ski lover, the area guarantees hours of winter fun. You can admire the surroundings already cross-country skiing on well-groomed trails or enjoy the beautiful winter hiking trails. Children build a snowman with dad and enjoy themselves in the children’s ski land with new friends. After skiing, go for a swim with grandma and grandpa and then sit all cozy together for the warm fireplace. That's enjoy!

Landal Ski Life is part of Landal GreenParks.

Facts & figures

The Netherlands 55          
Belgium 4
Germany 10
Austria 7
Switzerland 2
Czech Republic 1
Hungary 1
Denmark 5
Total number of parks 87
Number of holiday homes for hire Approx. 13.700
Number of camping pitches for hire 1.450
Gross annual revenue 2015 Approx. € 368 million
Number of annual guests 2.4 million
Number of (guest) overnight stays  12.8 million
Average length of stay 5.6 nights
Origin of guests  
The Netherlands
Belgium 8%
Other 4%
Number of employees working at the parks
and various offices


Engaged entrepreneurship

At Landal GreenParks, we feel closely connected with our nearby surroundings. That is why we support nature, the immediate environment in which we are located, and the people with which and for whom we work. We call that sustainable and engaged entrepreneurship. The implementation differs per park because they are each unique.