Dutch Data Protection Act

All data that you provide us will be saved in a file. Personal data are handled and secured with care. This file has been reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority in the Hague. Landal GreenParks complies with the Dutch Data Protection Act at all times.

Recording and processing data

Within the framework of providing services, Landal GreenParks records data for the execution of an agreement such as our guest administration and the collection of payments as well as for providing other (related) services such as the administration regarding information requests or the administration regarding, for example, price requests and the sending of guest surveys. In doing so we also use the services of third parties that receive specific personal data and process these on behalf of Landal GreenParks. This occurs, for instance, for the distribution of brochures and the emailing or the processing of our guest surveys. When you make a booking, your data are obviously shared with the park where you will be staying.

These data can also be used to provide you with targeted information and offers regarding our own and related products and services and to enable us and third parties to ask your opinion of these. This also includes the products and services provided by the different business units of Wyndham Worldwide, of which Landal GreenParks is a part. We can have your data combined with data known to other companies in order to align this information and these offers with your interests as much as possible. Inasmuch as we are required to do so by law, Landal GreenParks requests your consent before sending your data to third parties.

If you do not appreciate receiving interesting information or offers, please let us know by sending us a note addressed to: Landal GreenParks bv, Guest Service Department P.O. Box 175, 2260 AD Leidschendam. You can also
e-mail us.

Change or remove data

At your request we will change, correct, supplement, remove or shield your data if, for instance, the data are factually incorrect. This might result in you no longer being able to make use of (part of) our services. You are also entitled to request us to inform you as to whether your personal data are being processed.

Beware of fake campaigns

We would like to draw your attention to the following: There are regular prize draws in circulation via Facebook, e-mail and other channels that have not been initiated by Landal GreenParks or Hof van Saksen. These usually offer a free stay at one of our parks. In these 'phishing campaigns', our name and logo are misused for the purpose of collecting personal data or other information. Don't join in, this is a scam.

Securing data

To secure the data we process, we use extensive security procedures, for instance to prevent unauthorised access to these data.

Cookie policy 
A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer when you visit a website. By placing these cookies, Landal GreenParks can be of better service to you now and in the future. Both Landal GreenParks and other parties with which we collaborate (such as Google Maps) can place cookies on your computer. Landal GreenParks defines different kinds of cookies:
  • Functional cookies are used to improve functionality for your benefit meaning, for instance, that you don't have to keep on making the same selection or log in if you have already done so. 
  • Transaction cookies are used when you have made a booking and if applicable, to pay our partners commissions. 
  • Monitoring/Analytics cookies are placed by Google Analytics and the Visual Website Optimizer. These enable Landal to monitor the search behaviour of visitors anonymously and to adjust its service provision to this so that we can be of even better service to you as a (potential) guest.
  • Marketing or targeting cookies are placed to save your interests so that the Landal GreenParks website and other websites can provide you with offers that reflect your wishes/interests. Landal GreenParks can also automatically stop showing you offers when you have already made use of them or when you have already viewed them several times. Without these cookies, there is a chance that we will more often show you irrelevant advertisements.
Landal GreenParks complies with the Dutch Data Protection Act at all times. Google Analytics complies with the Safe Harbor regulation. Neither does the Visual Website Optimizer save any personal data and it respects your privacy. 

Without cookies, you can also see Landal GreenParks' advertisements!

Which third parties place cookies via the Landal GreenParks website? 
Landal GreenParks collaborates with third parties in the area of social media, visitors statistics, vacancy services, advertisements and video streaming, which also place cookies. The following companies are partners of Landal GreenParks in this respect: Google (Plus, Maps, Analytics, Adwords), Bing Search Marketing, Zanox, TradeDoubler (Affiliates, Integral), Quisma, PeopleXS, AddThis, E-Village, Novasol, Isuu, Intermaps, FlowPlayer, Visual Website Optimizer, Katschi.at and Flumscherberg.ch.

How does the placing of cookies benefit you? 

Cookies allow us to analyse surfing behaviour and so make offers that are relevant to you, for example you will not be shown the same offer, that does not reflect your wishes, every time. We are continuously improving our online service thanks to data that we derive from trends and behaviour on our websites. If you have a Facebook or Twitter profile, cookies ensure that you can conveniently share your interests without having to log in each time.

Landal GreenParks aims to make your experience as pleasurable as possible. Both at our parks and on the website. Cookies help to fulfil this experience on the website.

Can you remove cookies? 
You can always remove cookies from your computer via your browser. And it is up to you to decide whether you want to accept cookies. In most web browsers, cookies are automatically accepted. You can set your browser to reject cookies. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you reject cookies, this might limit your use of our website (and of other websites).

You can refuse the use of Google cookies by going to the Google unsubscribe page for advertisements. 

If you want to stop advertisers from analysing your behaviour, you can indicate this on the website of Your Online Choices

Landal GreenParks is understood to refer to Landal GreenParks Holding B.V. and its associated companies.

Landal GreenParks reserves the right to change its privacy statement. So please check the privacy statement regularly for updates.