Bollo wishes you and your family a very warm welcome to Landal Rehrenberg. Playing games together in the Bollo Club or making snowmen! Your children aren't up to that yet? The children's ski school Oberlader teaches them all the ins and outs so they can become real pros. Everyone enjoys themselves at this child-friendly park.

Everything at a glance

  • Bollo Club
    • Climbing wall
  • Children's ski land (via Skischool Ski Dome)
  • Amusement arcade
    • Air hockey
    • Pool table
    • Pinball machine
    • SEGA-soccer
    • Table tennis

Ski school for kids

Hi kids! Would you like to play in the Bollo Club, build snowmen or ski on the slopes? Our partner, Ski Dome Oberschneider ski school, shows you how to ski like a pro or stand with confidence on your snowboard. Ski Dome Oberschneider is located right next to our reception and offers ski and snowboard rental and courses, as well as private instructors and winter material services. Kids are sure to have fun!
More about the ski area

Bollo Club

Do you know Bollo? He likes crafting, making snowmen and everything that you also like to do! At the Bollo Club you can play games with us. 

Fun & Entertainment

The time of your life at Landal Rehrenberg. The Fun & Entertainment team organises fun activities and games for cool kids. The littlest ones craft away with Bollo in the Bollo Club. For young and old, there is always something to do!

The day begins

There's already fresh snow outside waiting for you. What shall we do today? The kids want to go outside! Playing with snow, making snowmen together. A snowball fight with Mom and Dad. Brrr... All that snow makes you feel cold. It's nice to warm up inside with hot chocolate and whipped cream. After this the children are ready for the next activity: splashing around in the swimming pool. Mom and Dad go to the warm sauna.

Just a few examples of the memorable moments that you can experience together. Book your everlasting memories at Landal Rehrenberg now.