Food and drinks

There are numerous restaurants in the immediate surroundings of Landal Salztal Paradies where you can enjoy countless culinary delights. Or would you prefer to eat in the comfort of your accommodation? Of course, you can also cook something yourself in your own fully equipped kitchen. The choice is yours!

Culinary pleasure

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Tip: the Shopping package

After a long trip, you often don't fancy going shopping. So book the shopping package! The first shopping will be waiting for you in your accommodation when you arrive. A good start to endless culinary enjoyment...
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New: Park Shop

There is a new Park Shop at Landal Salztal Paradies, with a large range of warm bread rolls, fresh vegetables and products such as cheese and sandwich meats. Various beverages, frozen products and delicious sweets can't be missed and make your stay even more comfortable. The shop is open daily in the high
season from 7:30 o'clock - 10:00 o'clock and 15:00 o'clock - 17:30 o'clock.